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Buy Silent Fans or Noiseless Fans for Home Online

Ceiling fans are a frequent household sighting in India, and they run for 14-16 hours throughout the summer season, and up to 10 months a year. Hence, we are exposed to fan noise for long periods in our daily lives. It would be an understatement to suggest that fan noise has become ingrained in our lifestyles, and we have unwillingly accepted the problem.

But doesn't our fan's air-cutting noise irritate us when we're on a phone or work call? Isn't the fan noise interfering with our TV and Netflix viewing experience? Don’t we all reduce the fan speed, hoping it would make less noise even during peak summer weather? Are you not constantly worried that the fan will disturb your child’s sleep?

The answer to all these questions is a vehement ‘yes,’ but more often than not, we tend to overlook these issues. However, thanks to technological advancement there is a solution for everything, including noisy fans. Yes, you read that right! You have an option now to buy silent ceiling fans and make your life easier.

Say goodbye to noisy ceiling fans and say hello to a calming silence with the Luminous Whisper Series range of soundless fans. Our energy-efficient and noiseless ceiling fans eliminate the annoying sound while ensuring optimum performance. We know you always wanted a quiet and soundless ceiling fan – so we designed a series just for you!

So, whether you want silent ceiling fans for bedroom, dining room, study, or your at-home working space, we have you covered!

Why Is There a Sound Presence During Fan’s Operations??

The sound of air cutting, which is produced when blades of a fan cut through the air to create turbulence, causes air to be pushed and generates noise. The size and quality of the motor, the design of the blades, mounting hardware, and the body material are all elements that contribute to fan noise.

While mechanical faults contribute to the tick-tock or grumbling sounds of the motor, which can be corrected, little has been done to minimize the air-cutting sound of a fan, wherein engineering has a key role to play. Moreover, any mechanical device is bound to create some noise unless designed efficiently, which is the stand-out quality of our soundless ceiling fan.

Luminous Whisper Series ensures the perfect combination of robust engineering and elegant design to provide the best silent ceiling fans in India. These silent fans are a perfect match for your home, be it bedroom or the living area, and they even come in a variety of ranges like , silent fan for bedroom, etc.

Does The Sound of The Fan Affect Our Health??

Yes, it does, and that’s the reason we need a to minimise the sound coming from a fan. While noise pollution from a regular ceiling fan does not conjure up images of life-threatening diseases, it does disrupt our body’s natural rhythms and has an impact on our overall health and well-being.

Ceiling fans produce a noise level of 60dB to 70dB, which is considered adequate. People in various parts of India utilize a ceiling fan in addition to an air conditioner. Due to extreme climate in summers, people operate a ceiling fan and an air conditioner (60-70dB sound level) operating at the same time for 8-10 hours per day. Now you hear two noises that are nearly identical in volume, thus doubling the overall noise effect, and taking it to levels that can have significant effect on health, particularly on hearing abilities. This is one of the major reasons we need a quiet fan.

The Whisper Series – Noiseless Fans

With the rising need for noiseless ceiling fans, Luminous has launched its Whisper Series, silent ceiling fans addressing the need for silence in our lives. This series of noiseless fans promises the highest ever air flow with heavenly silence making it the best silent fan in India. Even better, our Whisper Series noiseless fans are energy-efficient, helping you save up to 40 percent on electricity bills. If you wish to know more about a soundless ceiling fan, go to our official website for further information and silent fans price.

Luminous Whisper Series manufactures low noise ceiling fans with various characteristics and varieties in its price range. However, considering a few features, the best silent fans for home will consist of the following:

  • Silent fans in India have a sophisticated aerodynamic contoured blade design that maximizes air throw while lowering noise by reducing friction and turbulence, making them noiseless fans.
  • The best silent fans have the strongest 18-pole heavy motor in the market, with double ball bearings for smooth and quiet running.
  • The best silent fans feature a 310 RMP and a 240 CMM air delivery, which is the highest in the segment.
  • A silent ceiling fan for bedroom because of its fluidic integrated design makes it even more attractive.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to our website if you’re looking for the best silent ceiling fan in India, and start your journey towards modern & advanced home electrical solutions today

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