Introducing Luminous LED fans

Like civilisation, fans have also evolved in usage and form factor. From two blades to four blades to three blades; induction motors to energy-efficient DC motors; ceiling fans to table fans, tower fans, bladeless fans, and more, fans are now manufactured with aesthetic appeal in mind, as the designs and styles of end consumers have developed.

A fancy fan with light unit is one such beautiful and stylish ceiling fan variation. LED ceiling fans combine air circulation and light dissemination into one device. This is the epitome of how innovation and creativity can coexist positively. While the utility cannot be questioned, a lot of times affordability becomes the key driving factor in purchasing an LED based ceiling fan with remote for your house.

The Luminous Premium LED fans are an excellent choice for your house because they are compact, efficient and affordable. With our selection of ceiling fans with LED light, you can put your worries about LED fans to rest. This LED fan comes with a functional remote that allows you to control it from the comfort of your bed without having to go to the switchboard.

Before you make your decision based on the light fan price, following are some important things you should know:

  • Size based LED Fans -

    LED fans come in a wide range of sizes. 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, and 1500mm are the common sizes for this fan. When purchasing a ceiling fan with LED light and remote, keep the size of your space in mind and then select the fan based on the blade length or sweep.A decorative fan with lights and a moderate sweep is usually preferred. A fan with a modest sweep also complements the ceiling; however, a fan with a larger blade span may make the space feel smaller.
  • Design based LED Fans -

    LED fans are classified as classic, vintage, or modern depending on their style and design. Some modern ceiling fans with LED light have metal blades, while others have wooden or brass blades with elegantly constructed motor housings to add to the fan's overall beauty. The LED fan price may vary depending on which model you choose. Vintage LED ceiling fans are usually more expensive than modern LED ceiling fans.
    Additionally, there are a few LED fan lights that can change colours to match your mood. So, make sure you check out the different variants of a ceiling fan with light and remote before choosing the perfect one for your home!

Unique Speciality Of Luminous range of LED Fans

A fan with remote control and LED light is much more than what it sounds. Although the fan with light and remote adds a certain appeal to your household, there are other unique features to it which makes it more than a fancy fan with light! Here are some of them:

  • The LED fan produces excellent airflow, comparable to that of many high performance ceiling fans.
  • High-end LED fans in India have powerful motors and, as a result, higher RPM (rotations per minute).
  • Most versions of a remote fan with light include a remote control with energy-saving options such as Timer and Sleep.
  • A lot of LED fans come with BLDC motor, making them energy efficient as well.

Added advantages of the LED fans:

Following are some of the advantages of using a remote fan with light:

  • Ceiling fans with a light price is low-cost and highly efficient.
  • Designer ceiling fans with light life is long and there are fewer bulb changes.
  • LED fans can be used both outside and inside of your house.
  • The LED is sleek and modern in appearance and there are several different colour temperatures to pick from.

There is a wide varieties of LED ceiling fans in India. Choosing the most affordable and advantageous remote control fan with light at a reasonable price can be challenging. However, it is in your best interest to not make the LED fan price the only deciding factor in the purchase decision and consider the product specifications as well before taking a call.

Along with these advantages of a fan with light and remote, LED fans also reduce the demand for electricity sources resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions. LEDs are recyclable and do not contain the wasteful mercury present in CFL lights, which helps to reduce your carbon footprint. So, choosing a remote control fan with light not only helps you with home d├ęcor, it also keeps your home environment-friendly. Explore our range of LED ceiling fans on our website today!

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