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Pedestal Fans

There are several kinds of portable fans that range from wall-mounted fans, table fans, and pedestal fans.


  • Luminous Portable Fans are made of high-grade engineering plastic to give a smooth, classy look.
  • Our domestic purpose portable fans use durable plastic and advanced aerodynamic design. For industrial or commercial purposes, Luminous fans are made of metal.
  • Our portable fan motors are fitted with self-aligning sintered bronze bearings to allow noiseless operation.

Purpose: Luminous portable fans are thin and simple to hold. They can be mounted on walls, chairs, tables or countertops. Our portable fans are ideal for cooling personal spaces. They are affordably priced and provide efficient cooling.

Portable fans have an adjustable height for ease of use. Most have oscillating heads to enable better air circulation. At Luminous, our range of portable fans also offer you the option of oscillating and non-oscillating models in multiple sweeps.

There are two types of portable fans, Normal Speed and High Speed.


Normal Speed Fans – Luminous Advantage

  • Reset Feature for Thermal Overload Protection.
  • Aluminium Motor Covers – Higher Heat Dissipation, better engineering of dimension control.
  • Luminous Wall Fans use Synchronous Motor assembly for smoother oscillation, whereas most other Indian NS wall fans use gearbox.
  • Better Performance & Air Delivery

High Speed Fans – Luminous Advantage

  • Luminous Farrata Base-Full rubber padding on circumference and cross members for sturdiness.

Luminous offer the Smartest Portable Fans that have:

  • Sea Breeze Effect
  • Negative Ionizer for Air purification
  • Double Axis Rotation


Reasons Why Portable fans are a smart choice:

They are incredibly lightweight and easy to move around. Whether you’re enjoying your morning cup of tea in your balcony or gulping a glass of cold coffee on your terrace, these fans are the perfect option to make your surrounding environment comfortable and breezy.

  1. Portable Fans are Eco-Friendly

The world is on a gradual shift to environment-friendly options and making conscious efforts to make green choices. One such choice could be opting for portable fans. These fans are incredibly eco-friendly as they don’t release any harmful gasses into the air. So, you can enjoy cool, breezy summers without feeling guilty about harming the environment.

Mojo Plus White Pedestal Fan is a normal speed pedestal fan.It gives 1350 rotations per minute with a sweep size of 400mm.

  1. Take Up Less Space

Portable fans are incredibly compact and do not consume much space. This allows them to be used effectively in kitchens, small rooms or even home offices. In addition to this, these fans are easy to put together and don’t require complicated installations. And since they take up less energy, they can easily be plugged into an extension cord, making them even easier to use.

  1. These Fans are Affordable

Portable fans are an extremely economical option. Not only are they available at considerably low costs in the market, but their maintenance costs are also negligible. Moreover, their significantly low energy consumption makes them a smart investment for your home.

Luminous Fanfare Pedestal Fan 40CM (400MM) is one of the most affordable pedestal fans.


Its features include:

  • The best in class in 400mm (16) sweep
  • Strong and heavy pedestal base for stability
  • Transparent blades for more air and low noise


  1. Portable Fans Offer 180 Degree Ventilation

With a 180-degree rotation feature, portable fans can efficiently circulate air in every corner of the room. This means whether you’re in your living room or lawn, a portable fan will ensure a comfortable flow of breeze across the area.

  1. Portable Fans are Available in a Variety of Designs

These days fans also act as a design accessory in our homes. You can shop from a wide range of stylish portable fans to suit different design themes of different homes. Ferrari Pedastal 500mm,  Speed Plus 400mm, Speed Flo Pedestal 400mm, VirrratAire Pedestal 400mm, Mojo Plus White Pedastal Fan HS 400mm are some of the best pedestal fans in India.

Safety Measures to Be Followed While Using Pedestal Fans:

  • The first and most important rule to remember is to unplug the fan before moving it from one location to another. By this you will not only avoid an electric shock, but you will also avoid stumbling over the wire.
  • Keep water away from the pedestal fans and don't touch them with damp hands. Because water is a good conductor of electricity, this could give you an electric shock.
  • Unplug the fan and relocate it away from the power source while cleaning it. When it's entirely dry, plug it in.
  • Aside from turning off the fans before cleaning, never touch the fan while it is turned on. When the fan is spinning, do not remove the safety covers.


The pedestal fans by Luminous ensures high speed and performance. They are known for their effective and higher air throw and noiseless functioning. Luminous Speed Plus and Speed pro range is well known to give you and effective air flow, while Mojo Plus is known for its thermal overload protection.

You can check out the range of exhaust fans and ensure adequate ventilation in you rooms, kitchen and workplace.

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