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Buy Portable Fans Online at Best Price

Portable fans are compact and can be moved around without a hassle. Our range of portable fans is designed to offer maximum flexibility and offers value for money for anyone looking for a fan that’s big on power and energy efficiency. Check out our complete range of portable fans, including a portable fan for kitchen, a portable exhaust fan for kitchen, a portable table fan, a portable standing fan, and more.

Understanding The Purpose of Portable Fans

A portable fan is one of the best home electrical appliances to moderate room temperature and perfectly complements your air conditioner to help you save power. In addition, they can keep both small and big rooms well-ventilated and can be easily moved around the entire house, shop, or commercial establishment without requiring any additional wiring or setup.

No matter whether you want a small portable fan for a smaller space, a portable large pedestal fan for an outdoor space, a portable wall fan for your study section, a portable fan for kitchen area, a portable table fan for your balcony, or a portable standing fan for a big room – we have it all covered!

Salient Features of Portable Fans

  • Our portable fans come in sweep sizes from 300 mm – 500 mm
  • Lower noise profile for silent operation
  • Available in both high and normal speed variants.

Why Choose Luminous Portable Fans?

Our portable fans are designed from the ground up to deliver exceptional uniform cooling across the room without compromising on power while saving big on electricity. If you are planning to buy a portable fan online – explore our range of portable electric fans that go through rigorous testing to ensure a long service life and are thoughtfully designed, keeping your comfort in mind.

  • Superior Air Thrust: Aerodynamic blades ensure optimal air thrust across the room, including the remotest corners to quickly bring down the temperature
  • Rugged Motor: The rugged motors that power our fans are made to last longer compared to other fans to ensure longer service lives with exceptional cooling.
  • Durable Metal Blades: Aerodynamically designed metal blades provide extreme durability and stability throughout the fan’s lifecycle.
  • Heavy Metal Body: The heavy metal body provides solid structural stability to the fan while being moved and also increases the product’s durability.
  • Premium Finish:Comes with a premium finish for a more modern and stylish look that perfectly complements your lifestyle.

How Convenient are Portable Fans?

Our range of portable fans for home is the most convenient option for cooling due to their compact size and flexibility. They can be placed anywhere without requiring any additional wiring or setup. In addition, our portable fans have an extremely low noise profile with a smooth oscillation for effective cooling across the room.

  • Aerodynamic blade with High Air Throw : Aerodynamic blades ensures high performance and efficiency with exceptionally high air throw throughout the room resulting in uniform cooling even in hotter climates.
  • Full Base Rubber Padding: Rubber padding at the bases ensure lower vibrations and stability during operation for a great overall experience.
  • Available in High and Normal Speed Variants : Choose between normal and high speed fans with an astounding 2100 RPM and 100 CMM delivery for superior cooling that no other fans can provide.
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Thermal overload protection mechanism offers reliable protection in case of power overloads or phase failures resulting in longer service life and zero breakdowns.
  • Smooth Oscillation:Strong motor with a smooth oscillation feature provides unparalleled comfort and ease of use.

What Makes Our Portable Fans a Great Choice?

At Luminous, we manufacture fans that reflect your lifestyle. Our design language has evolved with the changing times to complement your home, shops, and commercial establishments perfectly. Our fans are made using only the best of materials and components to offer all-around comfort with long service lives. Besides, when you explore portable fans online – you can easily compare portable fan prices based on their different types, including exhaust fan, wall fan, and portable table fan prices.

  • Easy to Move Around -

    A portable fan is easy to move around and set up without the need for additional wiring. Due to its durable metal body, our fans can be easily shifted from one place to another without any damage, and a heavy rubber base ensures lower vibration levels when in operation.
  • Silent Operation -

    We value your peace of mind, therefore, we designed fans with a very low noise output. So when you buy one of our portable fans, you can be rest assured that your days will be spent in peace even when the fan is powered on at high speeds.
  • Affordable

    Our affordable range of portable fans is available between ₹3,000 to ₹4,000 and comes in varying design and color options to suit your style palette.
  • Low Maintenance -

    All Luminous products require ZERO to low maintenance and come with a long service life so that you get complete peace of mind when you buy any portable fan from our catalog.

We are present in 36 countries with more than 60,000 channel partners and have served millions of customers worldwide with our range of modern products, which are exceptionally designed to complement your lifestyle. Our industry-leading cutting-edge technology is renowned for offering uncompromised home electrical solutions for homes, shops, and commercial establishments, all backed by our years of trust and service for complete peace of mind.

You can look for some of our top models such as Fanfare Pedestal Fan 40 CM, Ferrarri Pedestal 50 CM, Mojo Plus White Pedestal Fan HS, Buddy Pristine White and so much more. Explore our fan catalog now, discover different portable fan prices and choose the best portable fan that aligns with your requirements the best.