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Buy Exhaust Fans or Ventilation Fans Online

Exhaust fans are usually used for kitchens and bathrooms as they help in ventilation. Most exhaust fans are made with either plastic, axial or metal.

Specifications of Ventilation or Exhaust Fans:

  • Luminous ventilation fans come in sweep sizes of 100 mm and 150 mm.
  • The option of metal Exhaust Fans with double ball bearings is also available.

Purpose Ventilation or Exhaust Fans:

Luminous ventilation or exhaust fans significantly reduce problems that are caused due to extra moisture, prevents paints from peeling off the wall, warping of doors and accumulation of mould spores. Exhaust fans extract and expel polluted/ stagnant air and odour from the toilets or closed spaces, making it a must-have product in every household.

Where is a Ventilation Fan Required & to Ward Off Which Odours? 

  • Smoking Room -Smoke and Odour.
  • Warehouse - Humidity, Dust, Odour and Heat
  • Basement – Humidity, Dust, Odour and Heat
  • Cabin -CO2 and Body Odour

Key Trends in the Ventilation Segment:

  • More & More Homes adopting for ventilation fans instead of natural ventilation.
  • URBANISATION, growing middle class, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan are few trends that are leading to growth in this space.
  • Architectural trends such as false ceiling, kitchen chimneys, smaller rooms are also increasing the demands for these types of fans.

Why It Is Critical to Use Ventilation Fans in Bathrooms and Toilets? 

  • To tackle excess moisture that can grow mould inside the bathrooms.
  • To get rid of foul smell. Without ventilation fans, these smells can remain in bathrooms for 30-40 minutes or maybe more.

Why Indian Kitchens are Incomplete Without Ventilation Fans:

  • There is high concentration of oil fumes, smoke, odour & heat in small saces. (Hence Fast Air Change is imp). Since burning occurs mostly here, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are produced. High carbon monoxide levels in the air can be dangerous.
  • It is not only important to expel the odour, but oxygen must also be replenished. Standalone chimneys have not been a success. We require an additional ventilation fan in Indian Kitchens.

Installation of Ventilation Fans:

  • Ventilation fans should be installed in such a way as to draw fresh air movement throughout the room or building to be ventilated so that it prevents formation of air pockets and the state air is totally extracted. The ventilation fan should be installed at a higher level than ceiling fan
  • It is recommended to mount the fan on a wall opposite the inlets and at highest possible level normally not less than 7’ so that any smoke, steam or outdoor laden air, warmer than ambient temperature within the room and with a tendency to arise, can be effectively exhausted.

At Luminous Exhaust fans can be categorized as the following -

  • Metal Exhaust Fans
  • Plastic Exhaust Fans
  • Premium low noise Exhaust Fans

Available in both plastic and metallic finishes, here’s a premium and powerful range of fans built with superior air technology for any space of your home.

Luminous Vento Exhaust Fan 30CM (300MM) is the classic ventilation fan, which keeps the air fresh. The Vento Fan is made from good quality metal gives you air delivery of a High Speed Fan (2600 RPM), hence you get exceptional air throw & high air delivery.

Luminous Vento Deluxe Black Exhaust Fan 20CM (200MM) is a modern exhaust fan with stylish design that matches spaces such as kitchen and keeps your home cool. It’s strong air suction keeps the air clean and fresh. The blades are designed for faster speed of rotation, The fan has a rust proof body and includes dust protection shutters.

Luminous Vento Axial Exhaust Fan 10CM (100MM) has a stylish design that matches spaces such as kitchen and keeps your home cool.

Its features include:

  • Less wattage fan- 18/22 Watt s
  • Compact High RPM- 2000/2200
  • Plastic body with aesthetic look
  • Noiseless to use in AC cabins & conference rooms
  • Easy installation

Every kitchen and bathroom require a certain airflow for proper ventilation. The airflow of kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans is measured in cubic meter per hour, or CMH.

  • Exhaust fans can be set on the wall, on the exterior, or on the ceiling. When it comes to installing an exhaust fan, wall-mounted fans are the finest option. Exterior exhaust fans are identical to wall-mounted exhaust fans, with the exception that noise is generated outside.
  • We have both Shutter and Axial exhaust fans. Mounted on the wall, shutter exhaust fans have a shutter at the back. They are larger than axial fans and can therefore be utilised in kitchens and bathrooms. There are three different sweep sizes available for both the exhaust fans: 150 mm, 200 mm, and 250 mm. Axial fans, on the other hand, are available with or without a back shutter. They come in two different sweep sizes: 100 mm and 150 mm.

Exhaust fans, today, have become more powerful than ever before. Thus, when purchasing any home appliance or device, including exhaust fans, you must consider its efficiency first. You can install them in the kitchen or the bathroom and relax knowing that they will operate admirably year after year. You can either hire an electrician to instal it for you or do it yourself, so hurry and get some fresh air into your home immediately!

Luminous provides top-quality, energy-saving exhaust fans, which helps reduce electricity bills. Low sound emissions, low wattage consumption, and powerful but effective performance under static pressure are some of the important points that you should consider before buying a ventilation fan.

To get the most of your investment, explore Luminous exhaust fans.

FAQ on Luminous Ventilation Fans or Exhaust Fans

  1. How to choose the right ventilation fan?

To choose the right ventilation fan, find the proper airflow rating of your room size, choose a noise level you are comfortable with, and check the efficiency along with the wattage consumption.

  1. Is a Luminous Ventilation fan energy efficient?

Yes, all Luminous fans are energy efficient.

  1. How much do they cost?

The Luminous Ventilation range costs approximately Rs. 2000. They have high air delivery, low noise output, and normal speed.

  1. Does a ventilation fan require a specialist for installation?

You can either take help from an electrician or even install a ventilation fan on your own to save on the labour cost.

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