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Buy High Speed Wall Mounted Fans online

What are wall fans?

Wall fans are fans that are installed on the wall to ensure that the air in the room is well circulated. Wall fans, unlike ceiling fans, take up less room and can be adjusted to fit your needs. They are the ideal way to fight the summer heat in a small space. Luminous wall fans are designed to provide you with the best service and value for your money while also allowing you to save energy.

Our high-speed wall fans can be used for both commercial and residential purposes, and since we also offer wall fans with remote controls, it will be convenient to use them as needed. Wall mount fans are also better than stand or table fans because they do not pose a risk to children. Wall fans are an easy way to keep the upper layer of the space cool while also removing irritants.

Our wall fans are specially built with simple speed controls that make it simple to operate the fans. The Luminous wall fans' aerodynamic nature gives them an advantage by allowing them to provide full speed with minimal noise.

Why You Should Buy Wall Fans?

  • They are Affordable -

    Wall fans are incredibly affordable when compared to ceiling fans. In fact, it's safe to say that you may be able to purchase two wall fans at the price of one ceiling fan
  • They Require Less Space –

    Wall fans do not take up much space. If you don't have enough floor space or ceiling space, then wall fans are the perfect choice.
  • They are a Power-Saving Fan –

    Compared to other types of fans, a wall fan is one of the most popular power-saving fans. They consume less electricity and are an economical option to use, as they can reduce your electricity bills considerably.
  • They are an Ideal Choice for Small Spaces -

    It is impossible to install a ceiling fan in places like cafes and restaurants with a low ceiling or a narrow space. So, a wall fan turns out to be the best choice for such spaces.

These are some of the benefits that make a wall fan a must-have device. Apart from these benefits, there are several applications of a wall fan. Let's take an in-depth look at the different uses of a wall fan:

  • Residential Use –

    Closed areas like basements and home gyms need powerful air circulation to avoid dampness. However, with a wall fan, you can generate sufficient airflow throughout the room, including small spaces and tight corners.
  • Kitchen –

    A kitchen can probably be considered as the heart of every Indian household. It is where drool-worthy meals are prepared, and it is also that part of the house where one sweats the most.

With overhead lights taking up a considerable amount of space on your ceiling, most houses may not have a ceiling fan. You can put an end to all your miseries in the kitchen by installing a wall fan. For adequate circulation and ventilation, you can place the wall fan above your cabinets.

What are wall fans?

When you choose a wall fan based on its features, things become a lot easier. You may sort the best wall fan according to your own personal requirements and arrangements. For example, the size of the fan, the mounting arrangement, and the location where you want to put the wall fan all play a role in determining the best wall fan for you.

Here are some characteristics to keep an eye out for:-?

  • High Speed & Performance -

    Rather than having a smaller fan that will inevitably need to operate at full power, we recommend choosing a fan that is as large as you can realistically accommodate and run it at low or medium speed. As a result, your wall-mounted fan will satisfy your needs in a quieter, less invasive manner while also lasting longer. Luminous Speed Plus (Fan Model) is to watch out for in terms of performance and speed.
  • High Air Throw And Oscillation -

    The oscillation feature is really useful. However, you should check to see if the oscillation can be turned on and off. Oscillation in a wall-mounted fan is handy for moving air over a large area. Still, the ability to turn off the oscillation at any point along its arc so that the fan blows in the desired direction is also beneficial. Luminous Speed Pro series ensures higher air throw and affective oscillation.
  • Low noise -

    It is important to ensure that your wall-mounted fans are noiseless. They should give you an effective airflow without causing any disturbance so that you can rest or work at peace. Luminous Kraze Plus is a noiseless wall mount fan that ensures high air delivery.
  • Build Quality -

    Wall fans with lightweight construction material are only suitable for use in the home or workplace. They are not suitable for industrial use and are likely to be harmed in such an environment. The cost of industrial wall mounted fans is a little higher. Always choose a fan with better quality so that it's more durable. Luminous offer high quality and sturdy wall mount fans at affordable rates.