How to Buy Home UPS & Inverter?

Need help in choosing the perfect Inverter & UPS for your home? Look no further than Luminous, India's no.1 Home Inverters & UPS company. You may feel confused while going through the comprehensive list of available inverter ratings. Before you choose the best power inverter, analyze the power requirement of your home. This section will guide you on everything you need to buy the best UPS and Inverters for home and commercial use.


Regalia Series

India's First Inverter Series with Integrated Li-ion Batteries

Regalia Series is India’s First Sine Wave Inverter Series with Integrated Li-ion Batteries which have 3X longer life, 3X faster charging and 15% higher efficiency than Lead Acid Battery.
Regalia Inverters are designed with Ultra-Modern Looks, Smart WiFi Support, requires no maintenance and no hanging wires, making them completely safe for the Children. Indeed a Revolution & a Marvel in Power Back-Up Systems.

  • Range Available – 1500 VA to 6400 VA
  • Technology – Li-ion, Sine wave
Li-On Series

Li-ON 1250

Intelligent Inverter with Built-in Battery

Luminous Li-ON 1250 is a New Age Powerful Sine wave inverter with in-built Lithium ion battery making the product compact, safe, long lasting and efficient. Lithium Ion batteries offer longer life, faster battery charging, Maintenance free and offers consistent backup throughout its life. The Product performance is managed and controlled by Intelligent Battery Management system (BMS) increasing the product performance. The LCD display shows important inverter battery performance statistics helping the customers to plan their activities in advance. The premium metallic white colour matches the interiors making it the perfect choice for your household needs.

  • Capacity –
    Inverter: 1100 VA/880W
    Battery Capacity: 1280 Wh
  • Technology – Pure Sine Wave

Icon Series

The Next Generation Inverter Series

Icon Series is an Unprecedented, Revolutionary Inverter Series that promises to be an Iconic jewel in the Inverter Battery Market. A pure Sine Wave Inverter Series which features an Integrated Inverter Battery Design and an elegant Pearl White coloured dedicated battery enclosure that adds a premium Ultra Modern Look to your living room space. The Inverter Series is Ergonomically designed, making the water filling process in the battery convenient and hassle free. It supports faster low voltage battery charging starting from 90V. Icon inverter Series has no open wires as battery is encapsulated in the inverter making it completely Safe for Children and an Ideal Inverter for your 'Khushiyon Ka Ghar'

  • Capacity - 900VA/756W & 1400VA/1176W
  • Technology – Sine wave Technology


When Control Matters The Most

India's most intelligent UPS is here to power your home! Within the affordable UPS price, you get the state-of-the-art features like a sleek display showing power back-up time, hassle-free battery maintenance and MCB protection. Let's not forget a by-pass switch which keeps supplying power from the grid, even in case of UPS faults. The Zelio is everything you need!


Zelio Connected

India's most intelligent UPS Zelio is now smarter

Zelio WiFi is India’s smartest power inverter with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you monitor the power situation at your home on a smartphone app from anywhere in the world!

Zelio-i is powered by Bluetooth connectivity and lets you control the power inverter with its iControl feature in addition to data monitoring using a smartphone app. The inverter cost is efficient and helps in energy saving.

Optimus Series

The Digital inverter series

Optimus series is an advanced digital inverter series which features state of the art LCD display intelligently showing 8 real time performance statistics including charging time, backup time, fault indications and much more. Its Pure Sine wave output ensures a safe and noise free opertation of Load devices. It offers flexibility to its user to set the charging current and choose between higher backup vs better performance by controlling the output voltage. Lets not forget the attractive design and Mains by pass switch which makes Optimus as a feature rich inverter series ideal for your household or commercial needs..

Eco Volt & Eco Volt Neo

Efficiency That Saves Your Precious Resources

So silent that you'll barely know they are powering your home, being the best UPS and inverters in India. The Eco Volt is a pure Sine Wave UPS, super efficient UPS and helps save on electricity bills at an affordable UPS price!

Eco Watt & Eco Watt Neo

Great Performance With Low Energy Consumption

Your home deserves to be powered by the No.1 selling UPS product of Luminous, the Eco Watt & Eco Watt Neo series. These series comes with advanced PCB programming, microprocessor and FSW transformer making them one of the most efficient UPS. They consume less power and can take on high load. Another reason that makes them No. 1 is the low UPS price.

Shakti Charge

Fastest Charging UPS; Ideal for Low Voltage Areas

Troubled by long power cuts and low input voltage? The Shakti Charge is India's fastest full charging UPS, best suited for rural and semi urban areas. This UPS is equipped with a heavy duty charger that charges batteries even at a low voltage!

Eco Watt Rapid

Eco Watt Rapid

Runs Heavy Load even on a single Battery

Ever heard of a UPS that runs heavy loads on just one battery? Well, the Eco Watt Rapid series does exactly that! Every house needs a UPS like this along with a power inverter. Specially designed for areas with frequent and short duration power cuts, this UPS offers high KVA ratings on a single battery!


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