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  1. Home UPS 900VA Zelio+ 1100

    92% of 100
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    Regular Price ₹10,000.00 Special Price ₹7,700.00
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  2. Home UPS 5.2 kVA Cruze

    90% of 100
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  3. Icon 1100 Inverter and 200 Ah - RC25000 Battery

    Home UPS / Inverter: 900 VA Icon 1100, Sine Wave

    Battery: 150 Ah, Tall Tubular

    Warranty (Month): 18months + 18 months

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    Regular Price ₹37,600.00 Special Price ₹28,000.00
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  4. Icon 1600

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  5. Home UPS Zolt 1100

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Showing 1-15 out of 50 products

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How to Buy Luminous Home UPS and Inverter?

Choosing the best inverter for home from a wide selection that will best meet your requirements can be a bit confusing. The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is the home inverter price. However, that is not the only factor that should influence your purchase decision. The home inverter price depends on the variety, model, capacity and other such crucial elements.

But we are here to help you out in buying the best inverter for home after carefully analysing key aspects such as the inverter price. With Luminous, you can explore an extensive range of Home UPS and inverter solutions, suiting a wide range of requirements to buy the best inverter in India – one that can fulfil your power requirements effectively and expertly!

What is an Inverter?

An inverter can be defined as an electric power converter that is responsible for converting alternate current to direct current from the mains to battery and again convert direct current from the battery into an alternating current for the connected load. There are two types of inverters to choose from.

What are the types of Luminous Home Inverters?

There are two types of inverters in the market from a technological standpoint.

Pure Sine Wave: A puresine wave UPS for home produces electricity that is similar to that of the grid. It is more suited to sensitive items such as laptops, computers, stereos, and laser printers since it minimizes the noise from fans, fluorescent lights, amplifiers, and television.

A square wave: A square wave UPS is a backup power supply that supplies electricity when there is no power. They are more economical than Sine wave inverters but produce a continuous humming sound from the inverter and load devices.

Features of an Inverter for Home Use

If you are planning to buy an inverter for home, there are some things you should know about other than its price. The home inverter has several benefits. The following features are frequently found in the best inverter for home:

• A regulated output voltage with low harmonic distortion ideal and safe for running connected load appliances.

• Increases Battery life and performance through Adaptive battery charging control algorithm

• Prevents battery overcharging as inverter automatically cuts the charging current when battery is fully charged

• Advanced Microprocessor which helps in efficient switchover from mains to inverter mode and vice versa

• WiFi Routers work lag free during power switchover, thus Online classes or Work from home activities remain seamless

• Easy user-friendly LED display with mnemonics or a digital display in premium inverters to demonstrate inverter battery performance statistics.

• Smart Overload Sense (SOS) technology which sense automatically resets to inverter mode when the load on the inverter is reduced.

• Fast charging current (FCC) feature enables inverter to charge the battery faster as compared to competitor products preparing the battery to deliver more backup during the next power cut cycle.

What Are The Inverter Models Available At Luminous ?

Luminous Regalia Series Sine Wave Inverter

Regalia Series is a Sine Wave Inverter Series with Integrated Li-ion Batteries which have 3X longer life, 3X faster charging and 15% higher efficiency than Lead Acid Battery. Regalia Inverters are designed with Ultra-Modern Looks, Smart Wi-Fi Support, requires no maintenance and no hanging wires makes it one of the top choices if you are looking for the best inverter for home.

Luminous Icon Series Sine Wave Inverter

A pure Sine Wave Inverter Series which features an Integrated Inverter Battery Design and an elegant Pearl White coloured dedicated battery enclosure that adds a premium Ultra-Modern Look to your living room space. TheIcon Inverter Series is ergonomically designed, making the water filling process in the battery convenient and hassle free. It supports faster low voltage battery charging starting from 90V, making it an efficient power inverter.

Luminous Zelio+ Home UPS Inverter

India's most intelligent inverter to power your home! In Zelio+ series, along with pure sine wave technology you get the state-of-the-art features like a sleek display showing power back-up time, Charging time and MCB protection. Let's not forget a by-pass switch which keeps supplying power from the grid, even in case of UPS faults. These effective features and more, make Zelio+ one of thebest inverters in India.

Luminous Zelio Wi-Fi Smart Home UPS Inverter

Zelio Wi-Fi is India’s smartest power inverter with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you monitor the power situation at your home on a smartphone app from anywhere in the world! It comes with a LCD display showing power back-up time, charging time and MCB protection. This is an ideal inverter for home. With a by-pass switch that keeps supplying power from the grid when the inverter faults.

Luminous Optimus Series Advanced Digital inverter

Optimus series is an advanced digital inverter series which features state of the art LCD display intelligently showing 8 real time performance statistics including charging time, backup time, fault indications and much more. Its Pure Sine wave output ensures a safe and noise free operation of Load devices. The power inverter offers flexibility to its user to set the charging current and choose between higher backup vs better performance by controlling the output voltage.

Luminous Eco Volt Neo Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The Eco Volt Neo is a pure Sine Wave Inverter, super-efficient and helps save on electricity bills. The range is so silent that you'll barely know they are running, which makes it one of the best inverters for home. It also comes with led indications & has protection features like battery deep discharge, low battery, fuse or MCB*.

Luminous Eco Watt Neo Home UPS

Your home deserves to be powered by the No.1 selling UPS product of Luminous, the Eco Watt & Eco Watt Neo series. This inverter series comes with advanced PCB programming, microprocessor and FSW transformer making them one of the most efficient UPS for home. Furthermore, they consume less power and can take on high load.

Luminous Shakti Charge Power Inverter

The Shakti Charge is a fast-charging rugged power inverter best suited for rural and semi urban areas. This UPS is equipped with a heavy-duty charger that charges battery even at a low voltage at higher ampere which charges the battery before the next power cut

Luminous Eco Watt Rapid UPS Inverter

The eco watt rapid is specially designed for areas with frequent and short duration power cuts. ThisUPS inverter offers high KVA ratings on a single battery. It has the rapid charge technology that charges the battery faster even in low voltage that makes it an ideal inverter for metro cities and urban areas where user wants to run heavy load appliances for shorter duration of time