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Eco Watt Rapid- The Most Trusted Home UPS System

Luminous Eco Watt + Rapid series is India's most trusted Home UPS for rural, semi-urban and urban areas with a built-in heavy-duty charger that, even at low voltage, charges the battery with the maximum current. This inverter for home is an excellent option for areas where people want to run high loads affordably, live in areas with low voltage input and high power cuts of 4 - 12-hour period.

The Series has two SKU’s :

Model Name Eco Watt + 1250 Rapid Eco Watt XL Rapid 1650 VA capacity 1100 VA 1500 VA Wattage 924 W 1260 W Suggested Battery Capacity 80 Ah-200 Ah 135 Ah – 200 Ah

Here Are Some of The Functionality of Eco Watt Rapid:

• Low voltage charging – UPS starts charging batteries even at 95 Volts low power level. Ideal for rural areas and other regions with high voltage fluctuations. • Rapid technology – The inverter supports Rapid charging which charges the battery with 60% higher charging current reducing the overall charging time of 150 AH by 40%. • Runs high load with Single battery – Eco Watt XL Rapid 1650 supports load upto 1500 VA on a single battery, for running such load it normally requires 2 batteries thus saving the upfront cost of additional battery which costs about 8K-10K. • Twin socket output – Eco Watt XL Rapid 1650 has a twin socket output – one 6A output switch for running lighter loads like fans , Led lights, Tv and a 15A additional switch for power loads such as Mixer grinder, room cooler, electric iron , juicer and much more. • Inbuilt Battery Gravity Builder-Innovative technology allows charge equalization in the batteries which increases the battery life and performance. • ECO & UPS mode-In UPS mode, the output voltage is maintained in the 180V to 260V range-ensuring the protection of sensitive devices such as computers. The voltage range is increased in Eco Mode while reducing battery consumption. • Improved MCB – The world-class MCB security of this inverter for home ensures that your UPS and attached loads stay safe against short circuits.

Features of this Best Inverter for Home:

• Battery: Eco Watt Rapid supports a single battery. You can choose between a flat plate battery, tubular plate battery, VRLA, or SMF. • Inverter Type: It is a square wave output that safeguards appliances in your home. • Protection: Eco Watt Rapid provides the following protections-

1. Overload 2. Deep discharge 3. Short-circuit 4. Input mains protection

• Warranty: 2 years on manufacturing flaws.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. How much does this inverter for home cost?

One inverter comes at a price of approximately Rs. 5000 -8000.

2. What are the critical features of Eco Watt Rapid?

Here are key features of Eco Watt Rapid:

• Square Wave Inverter • In-Built Battery Gravity Builder • Powerful Charger • Charges battery with full current even at 95 Volt • 3 Modes Battery Charger • 24 Months Warranty

3. Why should you buy Eco Watt Rapid?

Eco Watt Rapid is equipped with advanced PCB programming, microprocessor and FSW transformer making it one of the most efficient UPS. Moreover, it consumes less power and can take higher loads.

4. What are the benefits of Eco watt Rapid?

5.How much battery does the Eco Watt Rapid series support?

Eco Watt Rapid series is a single battery solution which allows you to connect one battery with the inverter

6- Is Eco Watt Rapid ideal for urban areas?

Eco watt rapid is Ideal inverter for urban households which want to run higher loads on single battery solution. It is ideal for areas with frequent power cuts and areas having low voltage conditions since it charges the battery even in low voltage (95V).

UPS Mode- UPS mode to be selected when Computer or other sensitive appliances which needs constant voltage between 180V-250V to run. It ensures regulated voltage input to all appliances between 180-260V.Inverter gets ON when input voltage becomes less than ~180V.

ECO Mode – By default, inverter is in ECO mode to take care of wide input voltage operations between 95V-290 V. Inverter gets ON when voltage becomes less than ~95V.

The UPS /ECO mode can be toggled by setting it from back panel.

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