Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential components of a solar power system?

There are several important components that you need to know about before investing in a solar energy system for home:

• Solar PV Panels:

A solar panel comprises of small photovoltaic cells which helps convert sunlight into electricity. The cells are made of silicon which are effective at conducting electricity while being able to maintain the electrical imbalance necessary to create electrical fields.


• Solar Inverter:

A solar inverter is an electrical converter which aids in converting the direct current (DC) output from the solar panels into alternating current which is then used to power all of the home appliances. Moreover, it helps in storing any extra solar energy that’s generated in the solar battery to be used in case of a power outage, or you can also feed it to back to the electrical grid resulting in less energy bills.


• Solar battery:

A solar battery is the energy storage unit of a solar system for home and acts a reserve whenever power backup is required. A solar battery can be designed both for short or long power cuts and are available across a range of power specifications.