Combo - Optimus 6500+ with ILTT28060

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Optimus 6500+

Optimus series is a micro controller based advanced Pure Sine wave inverter series with Premium design, informative LCD display that shows 8 real time performance statistics including charging time, backup time at current load, running load status, fault indications and much more. It offers flexibility to user to choose between higher backup time vs better performance by controlling output voltage.

ILTT 28060

Inverlast range of heavy-duty, Tall Tubular batteries are designed to support heavy load of electrical appliances during long & frequent power outages. These batteries contain special grade Lead alloy and are suitable for both HRD & SFC application. These batteries are designed with Orthogonal 3D grid for unmatched electrical performance.

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Optimus 6500+

Capacity - 5500 VA , Maximum bulb load - 3800 W

Technology - Sine Wave Technology

No of battery supported - Six (6) Battery (12V each)

Display: State of the art LCD display which shows real time Inverter battery performance statistics

Charging current: User settable charging current between (8A-21A) for optimized performance.

Optimized performance: User settable Output voltage between (200V-240V) to optimize between Longer Backup time and Performance

Mode selector: Eco and UPS mode availability

Safety for your home: Complete safety for your home with protection features and alarms on short circuit, overload, Over temperature and low battery and safety for your equipment's as it supplies grid like power to the connected load

Battery Supported: Supports all Battery types (Flat, Tubular and SMF) and all battery capacities (80Ah-250Ah)

What's in the box - 1 N Inverter, 1 N Warranty card

Dimensions (in cm) - 30X47.1X45.2

Technology - Sine Wave

VA Rating - 5500

Max Charging Current(in Amp) - 21

No. of Batteries Supported - 6N

Eco Mode Voltage Operation - 140V - 290V AC

UPS Mode Voltage Operation - 180V - 265V AC

Change over time (Milli Sec) - <10 ms

Net Weight(In Kg) - 31.5

Wattage - 3800 W


ILTT 28060

Best-in-class battery offer from LUMINOUS TT battery portfolio - Ultimate comfort during power cuts
Range of LUMINOUS Batteries with high acid reservoir resulting in reduced need for water top-up even in extreme environmental conditions
Made in HPM container with Virgin PPCP, ensures ultra-durability and acid resistance
Heat Sealed Container & Cover, for no acid leakage
Most rigorous 3F quality check, before it reaches you - All batteries are ALT, SCT, HRD test passed
Tower type TT container, ensuring highest OTP electrolyte level
Orthogonal 3D grid design for unmatched electrical performance
Provided with 6 nos. free indicators cum vent plug for simultaneous level indication and gas ventilation

What's in the box - 1N Battery, 6N Float Indicator, 1N Warranty Card, 2N MS fasteners

Dimensions (in cm) - 50.2 x 19.1 x 44

Filled Weight (+/- 5% kg) - 70.5 ±5% Kg

Capacity - 250Ah

Listing Descriptions - Battery

Warranty - "36 Months (Free of cost) + 24 Months (Pro-rata) In case battery develops any technical fault, contact customer care executive at 99999 33039 or send e-mail at For more details, refer to the warranty card provided with each product or please refer -

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