Cruze + 5.2KVA/72V

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Luminous Cruze is a high capacity power inverter for running heavy loads of households, offices and other commercial establishments like restaurants, clinics, ice-cream parlours etc. It can also run sensitive equipment without any worries since it has power output similar to the output from the grid. With features like MCB protection, big load carrying capacity, display on its digital screen and high quality and reliable power back-up, the Luminous Cruze is the perfect choice.

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  • Capacity- 5200VA, Maximum bulb load- 4420 W 
  • Technology- Sine Wave technology 
  • No of battery supported- Six batteries (12V each) 
  • Safe for sensitive appliances with Sine wave out-put 
  • Run heavy loads like ACs, geyser, photocopiers, dental chairs etc., depending on capacity (please check the inverter capacity and your power requirement) 
  • Auto over-load handling capacity 
  • MCB for protection from Input mains surge
  • Bypass switch for supplying output directly from grid in case of Home inverter fault
  • Noiseless operation with the help of low harmonic distortion 
  • Intuitive display to easily understand status of mains availability, battery status, etc. 
  • Comprehensive protection against short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery over-charge, deep-discharge etc.

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