PC 18054TJ PRO

₹ 19,300.00(Inclusive of all taxes)
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Warranty: 30(Free of cost) + 24(Pro-rata) Months * T&C apply

Capacity: 150 Ah
Power charge Pro batteries are designed for Rural and Semi-urban areas as they offer a Value for money proposal with longer life and less maintenance. Short Tubular container offers an economical choice to consumer

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● High power battery from LUMINOUS product range
● Pre-Mixed paste additives for super charged perfromance - Faster recharge, Longer life
● Ultra Strong Stranded PPCP handle - Pull, Lift or Slide: Any Angle, Any Direction, Safety Ensured
● Super Strong, Super Durable ATC alloy (ATC: Antimony (Sb), Tin (Sn), Copper (Cu)) - Ultra high corrosion resistance, long life
● Provided with pre-fitted coin-flush vent plugs for effective ventilation - ensures optimum battery performance

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