RC 18000

₹ 18,400.00(Inclusive of all taxes)
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Warranty: 18(Free of Cost) + 18(Pro-rata) Months * T&C Apply
Capacity: 150 Ah
Red Charge TT range of batteries offer worry-free electrical performance during most arduous power-cut scenario, ensuring both HRD capability and SFC capability.  Batteries made in tall tower type container also ensures lowest maintenance during its service life.

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● Highest selling LUMINOUS battery range in TALL tubular category 
● HADI HPLC plates: Worry free superior performance with least battery maintenance
● Tower type TT container, ensuring more than 20% extra electrolyte, ensuring lesser topping up frequency & better thermal management
● Provided with 6 nos. free float indicators for ease of battery maintenance
● Thick tubular spines are of low antimony alloy and cast in HADI for superfine grain structure 

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