SC 18060

₹ 19,700.00(Inclusive of all taxes)
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Warranty: 36(Free of cost) + 24(Pro-rata) Months * T&C apply

Capacity: 150 Ah 

Shakti Charge is one of India's most trusted batteries. It is an ideal choice for areas with long power cuts at higher frequency. It comes with fast charging and an enhanced warranty period of 5 years. Its Tall Tubular design calls for Higher Performance and longer Back-up hours.

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● Smartest battery option from LUMINOUS product portfolio - long lasting battery with super strong electrical performance
● 99.99% pure lead - long battery life (can hold charge for long time when not in use)
● Provided with Microporous ceramic disc fitted float indicators - Ultimate safety for environment
● Toughest poly-ethylene separator - long life, ultimate electrical performance
● Double sided pasted ultra-strong plates - long life, superior performance
● Cleanest Acid, Longest life, Superior performance

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