Solar Off Grid Combo | NXG 850e, Solar Battery 150 Ah (1 N), Solar Panel 170 W (3 N)

₹ 75,600.00(Inclusive of all taxes)
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Solar Inverter - NXG 850e

Capacity (VA): 500VA
Operating Voltage 90V-290V
Max supported panel power: 12V upto 500 Wp
Charge Controller Rating - 30 Amp
Supports single battery
24 Month Warranty

Solar Battery 150AH- LPTT12150H

150 Ah Rated Capacity @ C10, 12V
Warranty - 60* Months
Tubular plate Technology - Next generation tall tubular battery with better charge acceptance and long Back up
Long cycles

170W/12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel

a range of both Polycrystalline PV modules and Mono PERC halfcut solar panels. Our panels comply with IEC standard and are suitable for a wide range of applications.
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Solar Inverter - NXG 850e

NXG range is a solar inverter range that intelligently uses grid and solar power. With ability to operate in a wide voltage range, NXG is the ideal starter solar solution for homes.

ISOT Technology
Maximizes solar energy usage in both backup and charging mode of operation.

3 User Settable Saving Modes
Solar Mode, Solar+Grid Mode and Grid+Solar Mode.

Max Capacity Utilization
Connect Solar Panels equivalent to Solar Inverter’s VA ratings.

Intelligent Load Sharing
Maximizes utilization of solar power and battery power which results in savings of your electricity bills.

Powerful Charging on Low Voltage
Charges even at 90V making it ideal for areas having low voltage problem.

Solar Battery 150AH- LPTT12150H

Luminous Solar Batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer back up.

Very Low Maintenance
Topping up frequency : Once in 8 to 10 months

Long Design Life
Long cycles (1500@80% DOD, 5000 @20% DOD)

High Temperature Performance
Can handle extreme weather conditions

170W/12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Capacity - 170 W, 12 V
Voltage: Voltage at Max Power (Vmax) - 18.86 V, Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - 23.01 V
Current: Current at Max Power (imax) - 9.02 A, Short Circuit Current (isc) - 9.61 A
25 years performance warranty.
Compliance to IEC standards.
Best in Class conversion efficiency.
Anti-reflective coating and back surface (BSF) for more light absorption.
Advanced EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) encapsulation to give better protection to modules.
High strength light-weight aluminum frame design for high torsion resistance against winds and snow loads.
PID resistance Technology (Potential-Induced Degradation) for safety against substantial power loss due to stray currents triggered by certain climate conditions.
Excellent Low light performance in low visibility in clouds, evening, and morning.