Solar Off Grid Combo | Solarverter Pro 3 kva, Solar Battery 150 Ah (3 Nos.), Solar Panel 540 W (6 Nos.)

₹ 382,800.00(Inclusive of all taxes)
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Solarverter Pro PCU - 3 KVA


Rated AC power - 230V (single phase)
Max Supported Panel Power - 3500 Wp, Input Voltage Range (Vmp) – 60V-120V
Charge Controller - MPPT, Input Voltage Range (Voc)- 75V-150V
Nominal Battery Bank Voltage - 36V
BIS certified solar inverter
In-built TDR for loads with heavy in-rush current
Inbuilt MPPT charge controller to maximize solar generation from solar panels
Inbuilt isolation transformer to protect from grid surges and noise
User selectable source priority: Choose source priority from solar, battery and grid
User friendly Informative LCD Display
MCB protection against short circuit protection
Pure sine wave output for better performance & safety of connected loads
Safe for your home with comprehensive protection features such as short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery overload, etc.


Solar Battery 150AH- LPTT12150H


Luminous Solar Batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer back up.

Very Low Maintenance - Topping up frequency : Once in 8 to 10 months

Long Design Life - Long cycles (1500@80% DOD, 5000 @20% DOD)

High Temperature Performance - Can handle extreme weather conditions


540W/24V Mono Perc Halfcut Solar Panel


Mono PERC half cut cells type Panel.
Capacity - 540W, 24V
Voltage: Voltage at Max Power (Vmax) – 41.92V, Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) – 49.40V
Current: Current at Max Power (imax) – 12.89A, Short Circuit Current (isc) – 13.72A
25 years performance warranty.
BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards which is mandatory for all solar panels.
Best in Class conversion efficiency
Half Cut Solar Cell Technology
Better Shading Tolerance
Excellent Hot Spot Performance
Less Micro Crack Impacts
Lower Resistive Losses
Excellent Low light performance in low visibility in clouds, evening, and morning.