XL 18066

₹ 22,300.00(Inclusive of all taxes)

66* Months Warranty Capacity: 150 Ah 

Batteries with EXCELLENT electrical performance. Made with specially formulated lead alloy and super-fine grain structure for best corrosion resistance. These batteries are designed with Heavy duty tubular plates for longer cycle life and deep cycling capabilities.

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● The EXTRA ordinary power back-up battery - Extra power for more back-up & life
● Tubular Gauntlet Clad technology - Best in class performance with longest life
● Fully tested at DSIR approved, dedicated battery design lab - Complete safety during the service life
● Made in JUMBO type VPP Moulded container - Strong, Durable, Acid resistant
● High Pressure Heat sealed Container-Cover Design - Leak-proof, Spill-proof design
● Provided with 6 nos. free indicators cum vent plug for simultaneous level indication and gas ventilation
● Made with Ultra High-Density proprietary UHD (LMax) Paste, long life at high-temperature operation

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