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Buy Solar Batteries for Homes and Commercial Use Online

So many people are now turning to solar and clean energy sources to power their homes. It enables them to contribute to keeping the environment clean while saving money on electricity bills. People considering solar power have the choice of either staying on the grid with a grid-tied solar system or using an off-grid solar system.

If you are planning to install an off-grid solar system, you will need to install a solar battery. Solar batteries store the energy produced by solar panels and act as energy banks. This energy can be used at any time in the future whenever solar panels are not able to generate enough power. This might happen due to unfavourable weather conditions or inadequate sunlight.

A significant advantage of choosing an off-grid solar system is that it is a cost-effective option as you can save a considerable amount on your power bills - when you use solar panels for homes

Types of Solar Battery:

  • L Series Solar Battery -

    Specially designed L Series solar inverter batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries that provide long-lasting power back up for your home. In addition, L Series batteries come with five years of warranty.
  • H Series Solar Battery -

    Our specially designed H Series solar batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries that power your home for long hours. In addition, H Series batteries come with six years of warranty.

Solar Battery – Maintenance and Care:

The aim of maintaining and taking care of the battery is to extend its life and efficiency. However, battery life is a highly variable attribute affected by various factors, including storage temperature and depth of discharge (DOD).

Wash battery terminals regularly with a battery terminal cleaner brush and a mixture of baking soda and distilled water. After washing, you should rinse the terminals with water, double-check for close connections, and cover the metal components with an industrial sealant or high-temperature grease.

The solar battery prices are economical considering the benefits it gives in the long run.

Why Choose Solar Battery:

The cycle life of solar batteries is extremely long. This means that solar batteries can withstand full charge/discharge cycles until their capacity drops below 80%. Solar batteries are still highly efficient even after thousands of charging and discharging cycles. Solar batteries come with very low maintenance with topping up frequency of once in 8-10 months, ensuring you enjoy hassle-free opeartions.

Solar consumers no longer need to depend on the grid at night, when they often require electricity the most. During the day, when most consumers aren't using the solar power generated by their solar panels, solar batteries store the generated energy for later use. This is why – solar power users return home to a fully charged solar battery, ready for whatever the evening holds for them.

Solar batteries are the solution if you want to go green or set up reliable backup power.

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