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  1. Solar Off Grid Combo - 3.75 kVA

    UPS: NXT 3.75 kVA/48V

    PV Panel: 330 W x 9 No.s

    Battery: 150 Ah x 4 No.s

    86% of 100
    In stock
    Regular Price ₹403,765.00 Special Price ₹403,765.00
  2. Solar Off Grid Combo - 12.5 kVA

    Inverter: 12.5 kVA / 120V

    Poly Crystalline Panel: 330Wp x 30 No.s

    Battery: 150 Ah x 10 No'

    In stock
    Regular Price ₹1,187,990.00 Special Price ₹715,000.00

Showing 1-15 out of 35 products

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Buy Solar System for Home Online

Are you looking for a solar system for home in India? Should your choice of best solar system be on-grid solar system, hybrid solar system or off-grid solar system? Or, are you concerned about solar system prices? Don’t know where to get started? No need to worry – we have you covered!t.

Built using our class-leading MPPT and PWM technology that results in more efficiency – At Luminous, our solar home systems are the best in the industry, and are perfect for in-city or off-the-grid living. However, as there are numerous options available, we recommend you check for solar system for home price, the technology used for the solar PV system, and the unique features of your solar solution to get started.

Our range of residential solar power systems are designed from the ground up to deliver products that are the absolute best in its class with extended service lives, low maintenance and deliver peak performance even during the adverse of weather conditions.

Benefits Of Solar Electric System

    • Low carbon footprint on the planet

    • Cheap and sustainable source of energy

    • Reduced electricity bills

    • Uninterrupted/Non-stop/Continuous power backup

    • Perfect for off-grid living

What Are The Essential Components Of A Solar Power System For Home?

Call it a solar home system, a solar energy system or solar solutions, there are several important components that you need to know about before investing in a solar energy system for home:

    • Solar PV Panels:

    A solar panel comprises of small photovoltaic cells which helps convert sunlight into electricity. The cells are made of silicon which are effective at conducting electricity while being able to maintain the electrical imbalance necessary to create electrical fields.

    • Solar Inverter:

    A solar inverter is an electrical converter which aids in converting the direct current (DC) output from the solar panels into alternating current which is then used to power all of the home appliances. Moreover, it helps in storing any extra solar energy that’s generated in the solar battery to be used in case of a power outage, or you can also feed it to back to the electrical grid resulting in less energy bills.

    • Solar battery:

    A solar battery is the energy storage unit of a solar system for home and acts a reserve whenever power backup is required. A solar battery can be designed both for short or long power cuts and are available across a range of power specifications.

Luminous’ Range of Efficient Home Solar System

Luminous’ stellar range of solar home system includes off-grid solar power systems, on-grid solar systems, solar upgrade solutions, hybrid inverters, and solar DC solutions that are writing the next chapter in priding the best solar system for home in India.

Off-Grid Combo Solar Power Systems

Our lineup of Off-grid solar home system makes you 100% self-reliant when it comes to generating power for your home. Explore our complete lineup across a range of power options to create a self-sustainable power ecosystem without relying on your grid’s power system. Take your pick of solar panel, inverter and battery combo now!

On-Grid Solar Power Systems

Our range of on-grid inverters feature MPPT technology that help extract up to 30% more power from the solar panels, which minimizes the impact of shading resulting in increased efficiency. Our inverters has IP65 protection which makes them incredibly efficient even during the toughest of weather conditions and helps them operate at maximum efficiency during dust storms and heavy rain.

Solar Upgrade Solutions

Upgrade your existing normal inverter battery system into solar backup system with our state-of-the-art solar panels and retrofits and unlock additional power to run all of your heavy equipment even during long outages in the toughest of weather conditions. Our solar panels come with 25-year warranty along with top-of-the-line retrofits with extended service lives for a hassle-free personal experience. Check out our catalog now!

Hybrid Inverters

Get the functionality of both on-grid and off-grid with our topline hybrid inverters and experience the most reliable, efficient and powerful performance you can ever have. This inverter can store electricity in battery for power backup as well as export excess solar power generated to grid and also comes with in-built zero export function.

Solar DC Solutions

Bring home the top-of-the-line solar DC systems home. The combination of charge controllers, solar panels and solar battery is manufactured using only the best of elements and are designed to offer maximum efficiency for years to come. Check out the entire range of Solar DC systems right away!

At Luminous, all our offerings of solar system for home in India is mindfully designed to fulfil the requirements of our consumers, so you can be sure to find a solar system for home that’s made just for you. Making it easier for you to browse and shop, our website highlights technical details, descriptions and solar system prices, so that you find everything you need to make the best decision.

Get a Luminous’ solar home system today to experience a whole new world of solar backup system efficient, cost-effective and the most value for money in the industry. Explore our complete catalog of solar home systems, which include solar backup systems and choose from the widest product portfolio in the industry. Additionally, if you need any help to buy solar systems that would be ideal for your requirements, you can contact us. So, what are you waiting for? Find the best solar system for home today!

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