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Explore Luminous’ On-Grid Solar Inverter Without Battery

Grid-tied, or On Grid inverters are intended to be connected to your home in order to supplement mains electricity. Whenever solar energy is available, the solar system without battery would provide it to your residence. When there's not enough solar energy to provide, the solar inverter without battery would revert to grid electricity.

At Luminous, we have developed a portfolio of solar system without battery that is tailored to meet the requirements of our consumers. Our range of on-grid solar system without battery are reliable, safe and efficient systems that use solar power to deliver consistent electricity to your appliances and effectively feed excess solar power generated directly to the grid resulting in reduced energy bills.

While you are looking for the best solar system without battery or solar panel without battery, you must first explore different products, compare solar inverter without battery price (price of inverter without battery), match your shortlisted options with your unique requirements and then make a decision.

Benefits of an On-Grid System

Planning to leverage solar power without battery, and not sure where to compare inverter cost without battery? Not to worry – we have you covered!

Planning to leverage solar power without battery, and not sure where to compare inverter cost without battery? Not to worry – we have you covered!

    • Solar energy is the cheapest form of renewable energy

    • Cut down on the greenhouse effect generated by fossil fuel-based energy generation

    • Bring down electricity bills by feeding extra solar power to the grid

    Solar inverters are very effective in converting DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current)

    •Easy setup and more cost-effective compared to generators

    • Minimal maintenance required throughout its service life

Introducing the Next-Gen NXi Range of Grid Tie Inverters

    •NXi Range of Grid Tie Inverters

Luminous’ NXi range of Grid Tie Inverters are available in single and three-phase configurations and are known for their exceptional reliability and safety standards and are available between 1 kW to 110kW.

    •Up to 10 years warranty

    •Anti-islanding protection to prevent linemen at work during power failure

    •Remote Monitoring System feature for viewing your solar generation anytime anywhere

    •BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards

Our Grid Tie Inverters feature MPPT technology that help extract up to 30% more power from the solar panels, which minimizes the impact of shading resulting in increased efficiency. Our inverter for home without battery has IP65 protection which makes them incredibly efficient even during the toughest of weather conditions and helps them operate at maximum efficiency during dust storms and heavy rain.

Salient Features of our NXi Range of On-Grid Solar System Without Battery

    •Remote Monitoring System:

    Comes with the option of multiple modes of connectivity (GSM/WIFI) for remote monitoring so that you can view your solar generation anytime anywhere.

    •Anti-islanding Protection:

    Comes with anti-islanding protection which disconnects the grid tie inverter from grid during power failure to prevent any electrical shock to the linemen at work.

    •Optimized for Power and Load:

    Our solar inverter without battery for home offers maximum power and load efficiency and has incredible ability to handle heavier load equipment’s effectively. Run all of your heavy load equipment’s with complete peace of mind.

    •Service Life Warranty:

    Our next-gen NXi on-grid solar inverter without battery comes with superior service lives thanks to a rigid testing regime which guarantees the quality and longevity of our products.

    •Low Maintenance:

    Our solar system without battery requires very little maintenance and upkeep. Experience the power of solar without the constant worry of constantly having to run maintenance on your on-grid solar inverter without battery.

    •Save Big on Electricity and Diesel Costs:

    Save big by using our grid tie inverter for home without battery thanks to efficient engineering that allows you to save a huge chunk of money on electricity bills by giving you the option to feed extra energy back to the grid.

You can explore our complete range of products by browsing at your comfort. All Luminous’ inverter without battery products is optimized to deliver only the most consistent and efficient performance under all weather conditions. We have been leading the market for decades in the home power backup segment and are always on the lookout for newer technologies to design and manufacture products that are in sync with the times and are able to meet the expectations of the modern Indian consumer.

Check out our entire catalog of solar based products today to experience reliable and consistent power all backed by our class-leading customer support and after-sales service!

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