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What is Luminous solar PCU NXT+?

Luminous solar PCU NXT+, known as Power Conditioning Unit is the ideal high capacity solution for off-grid applications where it provides backup during a power cut and is also suitable for areas where grid is unavailable and also provides savings on your electricity bills. It is available from 1.25kVA to 12.5kVA.

What is the warranty of Luminous solar PCU NXT+?

Luminous solar PCU NXT+ comes with a product warranty of 2 years with PAN India service assistance. Any problem faced would be handled by Luminous service professionals.

Does Luminous solar PCU NXT+ supports different types of batteries?

Luminous solar PCU NXT+ comes with independent battery type selection which allows you to use any type of battery like Tubular, Flat Plate, Local or SMF battery making this PCU compatible with any battery type.

Does Luminous solar PCU comes with MPPT charge controllers?

Yes, Luminous solar PCU comes with an in-built MPPT solar charger controller which utilizes maximum power available from solar panel. It helps you to extract 30% more power from solar panels as compared to PCUs having PWM charge controllers.

What are the different priority settings in Luminous solar PCU?

Luminous solar PCU comes with 2 priority settings- SGB (Solar Grid Batteries) and SBG (Solar Batteries Grid). User can select any of these 2 modes depending upon their requirement of Maximum Savings with backup – SBG or Maximum backup during power cut along with savings – SGB.

How much electricity bill will I save when I use a Luminous solar PCU NXT+?

The electricity bill you save is proportional to the capacity of the solar panel installed along with Luminous solar PCU NXT+. In a tropical country like India, there is ample amount of sunlight available, approximately 4-5 hours of good sunlight for close to 300 days in a year. A 1000Wp panel, will generate about 4-5 units per day on a sunny day.

How much solar panels should I connect with Luminous solar PCU NXT+?

The number of solar panels you can connect with solar PCU NXT depends on the extent of power you want to generate. Make a list of the total load and the time it will be ON in a day. Multiply individual load by the time it operates in a day to get the energy consumption (Watt-Hour) per day. Divide this figure total by 4 (Sun hours). This figure gives the approximate total panel Watts.

Can I connect entire building load to the solar PCU?

In a solar PCU, the load is automatically changed to UPS mode and grid depending on its operation. Hence, if excess load is installed in grid mode, then when it goes to UPS mode, it may trip in overload. It is recommended that only the loads that normally runs in the UPS mode is connected to the system.

Is it required to take the battery for external charging frequently?

Luminous solar PCU NXT+ has a fully automated & complex charging algorithm using Constant Current-Constant Voltage (CC-CV) method. In solar mode frequent charge-discharge of battery happens, so to ensure good health and long life of battery, an automatic equalize charging is done in every 30 days. Hence no external charging is required.

Are Luminous solar PCUs BIS certified?

Yes, Luminous solar PCUs are BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards which is mandatory for all solar PCUs.

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