How to Buy High Capacity UPS & Inverter?

Need help choosing the perfect Inverter which can run everything at your home or office? Look no further than Luminous, India's no.1 Inverters & UPS company! This section will guide you on everything to do with High capacity Inverters. Luminous offers high capacity power inverters with a broad range of different capacity variants (2KVA to 12.5 KVA) that can run everything from air conditioners at homes and restaurants to washing machines at home. Whether it is about providing power to small business running printers or scanners to petrol pumps, high capacity power inverters have got you covered. This section will guide you about everything high capacity inverter for home.



Super Inverter for heavy duty requirement

iCruze is the heavy duty super inverter with compact design and more load handing. It is a super inverter because of its super design, super technology and super connectivity. It’s a connect ready inverter which lets you monitor the power situation at your home or office on a smartphone app from anywhere in the world.


Optimus HKVA

The Digital inverter series

Optimus High Capacity series is an advanced digital inverter series which features state of the art LCD display intelligently showing 8 real time performance statistics including charging time, backup time, fault indications and much more. Its Pure Sine wave output ensures a safe and noise free operation of Load devices. It offers flexibility to its user to set the charging current and choose between higher backup vs better performance by controlling the output voltage. Let’s not forget the attractive design and Mains by pass switch which makes Optimus as a feature rich inverter series ideal for your household or commercial needs


High Capacity Systems That Run Everything

Who says a UPS can’t run an entire home? With its power backup solution, Luminous Cruze can run anything. This high capacity power inverter is perfect for running a load of businesses like a restaurant, clinic, office, or a petrol pump. The high capacity power inverter, Luminous Cruze, can also run sensitive equipment without any worries since it has power output like from a grid. With reliable power backup, high capacity inverter for home runs your heavy load machine smoothly. Features like MCB protection and big load carrying capacity display on its digital screen helps, the high capacity power inverter - Luminous Cruze, provide synchronized changeovers whenever there is a power cut.

POwer X Section

Power Pro

Get Power-Packed Performance, Everyday

Luminous Power Pro is high capacity UPS with features such as load and battery level display in percentage, MCB protection, 7-segment digital display and faster charging ability, making it a preferred UPS system.

Power X

Exhilarating performance, Unmatched reliability

Luminous Power X is a high capacity power inverter which features pure Sine wave output and 3-mode battery charger. Its 7-segment digital display and fast charging abilities make it the best high capacity inverter for home and commercial use. Now you can charge batteries with high capacity power inverter – Power X even at 100V. Buy the best high capacity power inverter online for all your household and commercial requirements.



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How to Buy High Capacity UPS & Inverter?



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