Combo - Eco Volt Neo 1050 with SC 18060

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Eco Volt Neo 1050


Capacity - 900VA , Maximum bulb load - 756W
Technology - Sine Wave Technology
No of battery supported - One Battery (12V)
LVFC technology (Low voltage Fast Charging charging) ensures full battery charging current for input voltage greater than 95V  
Adaptive battery charging control (ABCC) ensures longer battery life & higher backup time 
User friendly LED indication for checking performance of inverter battery system
UPS Mode, output voltage is kept in range of 180V to 260V - ensuring safety of sensitive appliances such as computers. In Eco Mode, voltage range is extended thereby reducing battery usage.
Advanced Micro processor design ensures reliable & quick switchover from mains to inverter & vice versa  (less than 15 Ms)
Higher battery charging current than competition ensures faster battery recharge enabling optimum  battery capacity during next power cut 
Equipped with  Over charging, overload, short circuit & over temperature protections &  low battery, Switch over, overload alarm
Supports all battery types Tubular, SMF Flat plate & local (80Ah - 250Ah)


SC 18060


Smartest battery option from LUMINOUS product portfolio - long lasting battery with super strong electrical performance
99.99% pure lead - Long Battery life, (can hold charge for long time when not in use)
Provided with Microporous ceramic disc fitted float indicators - Ultimate safety for environment
Toughest poly-ethylene separator - long life, ultimate electrical perfromance
Double sided pasted ultra strong plates - long life, superior performance
Cleanest Acid, Longest life, Superior performance