Combo - Optimus 2300 with RC 18000

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Optimus 2300+


Capacity - 2000 VA , Maximum bulb load - 1600 W
Technology - Sine Wave Technology
No of battery supported - Two Battery (12V each)
Display: State of the art LCD display which shows real time Inverter battery performance statistics
Charging current: User settable charging current between (8A-21A) for optimized performance.
Optimized performance: User settable Output voltage between (200V-240V) to optimize between Longer Backup time and Performance
Fast battery charging: Low voltage battery charging begins from 95V and fast charging from 135V input supply voltage
Mode selector: Eco and UPS mode availability
Safety for your home: Complete safety for your home with protection features and alarms on short circuit, overload, Over temperature and low battery and safety for your equipment's as it supplies grid like power to the connected load
Battery Supported: Supports all Battery types (Flat, Tubular and SMF) and all battery capacities (80Ah-220Ah)


RC 18000

Highest selling LUMINOUS battery range in TALL tubular category 
HADI HPLC plates : Worry free superior performance with least battery maintenance
Tower type TT container, ensuring more than 20% extra electrolyte, ensuring lesser topping up frequency & better thermal management
Provided with 6 nos. free float indicators for ease of battery maintenance
Thick tubular spines are of low antimony alloy and cast in HADI for superfine grain structure