Solar Panel 105W / 12V Poly

  • Poly crystalline Cells type Panel
  • Capacity - 105 W, 12V
  • Voltage: Voltage at Max Power (Vmax) - 18.05V, Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - 22V
  • Current: Current at Max Power (imax) - 5.82A, Short Circuit Current (isc) - 6.28A
  • 25 years performance warranty.
  • Compliance to IEC standards
  • Best in Class conversion efficiency
  • Anti-reflective coating and back surface (BSF) for more light absorption
  • Advanced EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) encapsulation to give better protection to modules
  • High strength light-weight aluminum frame design for high torsion resistance against winds and snow loads
  • PID resistance Technology (Potential-Induced Degradation) for safety against substantial power loss due to stray currents triggered by certain climate conditions
  • Excellent Low light performance in low visibility in clouds, evening, and morning.
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  • Advanced EVA encapsulation to give better protection to modules
  • Best in Class conversion efficiency
  • Anti reflective coating for more light absorption
  • Optically, mechanically and electrically tested
  • High strength Aluminium frame design to offer high torsion resistance
  • Compliance to IEC standards"
  • Luminous offers a range of both Mono crystalline and Poly crystalline PV modules. Our panel comply with IEC standard and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

    Excellent Low-light performance

    Use of high quality glass and solar cell surface coating allow for excellent performance even in low-light conditions on cloudy days, mornings and evenings.

    Advance EVA Encapsulation

    EVA‚ (ethyl vinyl acetate) is used‚ encapsulate‚ material. They are inserted between the solar cells and the top surface and the rear surface for protection. Luminous Solar Panel comes with Multi layer encapsulation that provides better module protection.

    Severe Weather Resilience

    Luminous Solar Panel offers high torsion resistance against wind load and snow loads. These are waterproof and corrosion resistant.

    Best in Class Efficiency

    Best in class module conversion efficiency through advanced innovative cell technology. This ensures optimum solar power generation that provides value for money.

    PID resistance Technology

    PID stands for potential-induced degradation. Caused by‚ stray currents triggered by certain climate conditions; the phenomenon can cause substantial power loss but with PID Resistance Technology, Luminous Solar Panels displays no PID.

    More Information
    Country of Origin India
    Model LUM 12105
    Wattage (Wp) 105 Wp
    Panel Type PolyCrystalline
    Warranty 60 months
    Solar Panel Dimension (L*B*T) cm 103.5*67.0*3.4 CM
    Net weight (kg.) 8.2 kg
    Short Circuit Currrent, Isc (A) 6.28 A
    Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V) 18.05 V
    Open Circuit Voltage, Voc (V) 22 V
    Maximum Power Current , Imp (A) 5.82 A
    Contents of Pack 1 N Solar Panel, 1 N Warranty Card
    Marketing By Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited Plot No. 150, Sector-44, Gurugram-122003, Haryana. Ph.: +91-124-4776700
    Customer Care Details Contact Customer Care Executive: Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited Plot No 150, Sector- 44, Gurugram, Haryana -122003 Ph.: 1800 103 3039 Email Id: Website:
    Application Area Homes and Small Shops
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