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  1. Solar Off Grid Combo - 12.5 kVA

    Inverter: 12.5 kVA / 120V

    Poly Crystalline Panel: 330Wp x 30 No.s

    Battery: 150 Ah x 10 No'

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  2. Luminous Poly Crystalline Solar Panel 105 Watt- 12 Volt ( Pack of 2)

    • Poly crystalline Cells type Panel
    • Capacity - 105 W, 12V
    • Voltage: Voltage at Max Power (Vmax) - 18.05V, Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - 22V
    • Current: Current at Max Power (imax) - 5.82A, Short Circuit Current (isc) - 6.28A
    • 25 years performance warranty.
    • Compliance to IEC standards
    • Best in Class conversion efficiency
    • Anti-reflective coating and back surface (BSF) for more light absorption
    • Advanced EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) encapsulation to give better protection to modules
    • High strength light-weight aluminum frame design for high torsion resistance against winds and snow loads
    • PID resistance Technology (Potential-Induced Degradation) for safety against substantial power loss due to stray currents triggered by certain climate conditions
    • Excellent Low light performance in low visibility in clouds, evening, and morning.
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  3. Solar PCU - NXT+ 3.75 kVA

    83% of 100
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How to Buy Luminous Solar Energry Products Online?

We are committed to building a greener planet, and in our constant endeavor to bring you the very best of next-generation technology, we have introduced a whole lineup of solar products in India, including solar PV panels, solar inverters, and complete solar power backup combinations for home, office, industrial, commercial, and agricultural needs. It’s safe to say that no matter what solar products for home use in India is needed – there is a solution available!

Solar-powered products have zero carbon footprint on the planet and help you save a lot of money on electricity bills. So, if you are looking for solar products for home – explore our solar energy products for your home and choose from hundreds of options.

At Luminous, we take pride in being amongst the best solar products company in India, designing and delivering the best solar products for home, suiting a diverse range of needs. Whether you live in the cities or planning to go off the grid, we have a range of solar products online for every need.

Types of Solar Products for Home in India

Before you invest in the best solar products for home, you must know the different types of solar products available.

Solar PV Panels

We have the widest range of solar PV panels , so choose between our Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline PERC range of panels to make a switch to solar energy today!

What Is a Monocrystalline PERC PV Panel?

Monocrystalline PERC solar panels are made from a single crystal of silicon and are black in colour. Such panels have a smooth texture, where the slice thickness is clearly visible. Mono PERC solar panels operate better under adverse conditions such as low light and high-temperature atmospheres. Additionally, these solar panels are space-efficient and thus can be installed on small rooftops.

What Is a Polycrystalline PV Panel?

Polycrystalline PV panels are created by many fragments of silicon together to form the wafers for them. It has a speckled reflective appearance. In addition, they are best suited for Indian weather conditions.

Features of Our Solar Panels

    • BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards.

    • Absorbs more sunlight due to its anti-reflective coating.

    • Advanced EVA encapsulation provides maximum protection to the modules.

    • Features a high-strength and light-weight aluminum frame, which provides it a high torsion resistance against strong winds and heavy snow.

    • Class-leading conversion efficiency.

    • Superior low-light performance during cloudy days.

Our class-leading PV panels are one the best solar products in India. Bring home the perfect solar panel by choosing between technology, voltage, and wattage to find out the best fit for your home now!

Solar Inverter System

Our exciting range of solar products list also includes class-leading solar inverter systems that are a league apart from the competition. So, go solar now!

Our NXi range of Grid Tie Inverters is available between 1kW to 110kW and is one of the most reliable and safest options out there.

    • Up to 10 years warranty

    • Islanding protection to prevent linemen at work during power failure

    • Remote Monitoring System feature for viewing your solar generation anytime anywhere

    • BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards

NXG+ Range of Solar Inverters

Explore our NXG+ range of solar products online to bring home one of the most intelligent systems that help you save up to 3 units of electricity every day, resulting in lower electricity bills.

    • Pure Sine Wave Output

    • Pure Sine Wave Output

    • BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards

NXT+ Range of Solar PCUs

Experience upto 99% efficiency with our next-gen NXT+ range of solar PCUs and is one of the industry-leading solar products for home use with an inbuilt MPPT charge controller .

    • Inbuilt dynamic MPPT technology

    • User Settable Priority Settings

    • Advanced 32-bit DSP controller

    • User-friendly LCD display

    • BIS certified as per IS/IEC standards

iCruze Solar Inverter Combos

Our most economical lineup of solar inverters comes with an excellent backup time and can run heavy loads without a hitch, making them the most cost-effective solar-powered products currently available in India.

    • Efficient Heavy Load Handling

    • Pure Sine Wave output

    • User Friendly LCD Display

    • Intelligent Battery Charging Algorithm

We have a huge catalog of inverters across a range of budgets to choose from for varying needs and requirements. Explore our complete catalog of solar inverter systems now!

Solar battery

Our widest range of solar batteries is a class apart and comes with extended service life, and requires very little maintenance.

L Series Solar Battery

Our L series range of solar energy products are C10 rated deep cycle batteries that offer exceptional power backup for homes and come with a 3- and 5-year warranty.

    • Specially customized for solar applications

    • Superior performance even in high temperatures

    • Very little maintenance required

H Series Solar Battery

These C10 rated deep cycle batteries come with a 6-year warranty and offer exceptional backup during long power cuts.

    • Designed for longer backup

    • Superior performance even in high temperatures

    • Very little maintenance required

Our portfolio of industry-leading solar energy products is setting benchmarks and is all about the best solar energy products in India. Choose between our solar products list that features PV panels, solar inverter systems, solar batteries, and solar combos that are cost-effective, come with long service lives, and the highest efficiency achievable by any solar energy products for the home.

So, explore our complete catalog of solar products online and start your journey towards clean and renewable energy today. Get started and buy solar products online now!