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Introducing Regalia - A Smart Power Back-Up System

An inverter, being an electrical power system, transforms DC to AC, along with voltage shifts. For the electrical devices in your home, you need Luminous inverters to protect them against untethered electrical grids. Luminous inverters are available in different sizes and are made keeping consumer comfort in mind

From the last three decades, we, at Luminous, have committed to bringing you solutions that are sustainable and energy-efficient. Continuing with our commitment, we now bring to you—Regalia! It is India’s first wall-mounted smart power backup system that you can manage from your smartphone.

Luminous Regalia is, in many ways, environmentally friendly.

• First of all, it uses a Li-ion battery instead of the old lead-acid batteries. Not only does this give it a long life, but this makes it virtually maintenance-free.

• Second, the unit is more efficient than standard inverters by up to 15 percent.

• Thirdly, the batteries charge three times faster and consumes less energy.

The ultra-modern design of the Regalia inverter series is so stylish that you can proudly show it off in your drawing-room unlike bulky, dated inverters. The contemporary look of the best inverter for home goes so well with any interiors. The cumbersome, ungainly wires spread across the house are gone, and you can use this stylish piece of technology

Also, the Lithium-Ion inverter battery comes in a slip form factor that is perfectly complemented by a curvy build, which gives it a superior aesthetic design that you would love to flaunt. These environmentally safe batteries are highly efficient. Completely sealed and virtually maintenance-free, these can last up to ten years.

Features of Regalia inverter and battery:

• Sine Wave Home UPS system with inbuilt battery

• Wi-Fi enabled with connected App

• Performance ensuring software solution to maintain optimum performance and ensure it is safe when in use.

• Touch screen features and a digital display to check highly useful information regarding battery life remaining etc.

• Wi-Fi feature, through which you can remotely get information regarding the inverter through a mobile app.

• Power surge protection

• Inbuilt safety mechanism against short circuits and voltage surge

• UPS mode that eliminates fluctuations

• Battery charging starts at input voltage as low as 100V

• Five years of warranty for battery

• Two years of warranty for the main system

Luminous Regalia comes with such a long list of noteworthy features that anyone looking to purchase a next-generation product should buy this. With exciting schemes going around currently, you need to get one and get one fast! Stay connected in style with Luminous.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What are smart UPS?

A Smart-UPS is Wi-Fi compatible or has in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, which displays back up time, battery charging time, percentage load on the inverter, and other power & battery performance statistics on a mobile app.

2. How energy efficient is Regalia?

Regalia has an inbuilt Li-Ion Battery and revolutionary design, which has a 3x longer life, 3x faster-charging speed, and is 15% more efficient than a traditional lead-acid battery.

3. How long does it last?

Luminous Regalia is a smart inverter that provides up to 10 years of Li-Ion battery life, which can be replaced easily from the company/nearest retail outlet.

4. How much does it cost?

Luminous Regalia costs Rs. 45,000 and upwards.

5. What are the benefit of Lithium-ion batteries?

Li-ion are the low maintenance & long-life batteries, and Lithium-ion batteries are health and environment friendly since it does not release the harmful toxic fumes

6. Do I have to purchase separately?

Regalia inverter comes with the Li-ion battery, which is installed inside the inverter.

7. Can I purchase Regalia inverter online?

Yes, you can purchase a Regalia inverter, which comes with a Li-ion battery from luminous online from luminous E-shop at a very reasonable price

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