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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Inverter battery available for home?

Primarily 2 different technology types are used for inverter battery application in India – Low Maintenance Flooded Lead Acid Battery & Maintenance free GEL Lead Acid battery. Flooded battery has comparatively higher life, but lower cost with respect to GEL battery.

Internal construction wise, both the above technologies can be further sub-classified to FLAT plate battery & TUBULAR plate battery. FLAT plate batteries are recommended for areas with less frequent power cuts. These batteries are affordable, but compared to tubular inverter batteries, have a shorter life cycle.

TUBULAR plate inverter batteries are better suited for areas with long power cuts. TUBULAR batteries have comparatively longer service life. Tubular are more durable than a flat plate battery and generally come with a comparatively longer warranty period.

LUMINOUS offers a vast portfolio of products comprising both TUBULAR and FLAT technology, at an affordable price positioning, suitable for all type of application areas.