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How to Buy Luminous High Capacity Inverter and Home UPS

Do you need assistance selecting the ideal inverter to power everything in your home or office? At Luminous, you will find a range of high power inverters delivering exceptional backup – you can be sure to find the ultimate high capacity UPS inverter for home. With modern designs, innovative technologies, and improved connectivity, Luminous provides a wide range of high capacity inverter UPS.

Our selection of high voltage inverters allows you to choose from 2KVA to 10 KVA. In addition, our high capacity UPS for home comes to your aid amidst power failures, outages, or any other form of electrical disruption, ensuring your home stays powered.

What is a High Capacity Inverter or High Power Inverter?

In today’s generation, we have numerous appliances that make our everyday life easier. We depend on these devices to take care of our household and commercial requirements. High capacity inverter system are recommended for people who want to run Heavy loads like AC’s, Water pumps, Kitchen appliances like Toaster, Electric kettle, mixer grinders, refrigerator, deep freezers, photocopiers, printers and electric iron.

Where does HKVA inverters find their applications?

HKVA invertersare designed to run higher loads like

  • AC
  • Microwaves
  • Water Pumps
  • water heater/Geysers
  • Electric iron
  • Kitchen appliances like Toaster, Electric kettle, mixer grinders
  • Refrigerators/Deep freezers
  • Photocopiers
  • Printers
  • Dental chairs
  • And these HKVA inverters find applications in:

  • Homes
  • Office spaces
  • Showrooms
  • Super Markets
  • Education institutes
  • Banks
  • Dental clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Saloons
  • Ice cream parlours

Characteristics Of High Capacity UPS Inverter

Several characteristics of high power inverter vary from product to product, based on its components, usage, and capacity. But let’s discuss a few common benefits ofhigh power inverters:

  • Intelligent Battery Charging

An intelligent battery charging system is useful as it helps extend the battery life of your high capacity UPS for home.

  • LCD Interactive Display

All modes of operation and settings are user-friendly and simple to grasp. Plus, you can conveniently monitor information like remaining charging time, backup time, and the current running load.

  • Assurance of Safety

Overload protection, protection like AC & DC MCB, protection from battery over-charge, battery low voltage, over-temperature, and short circuit protection are a few of the safety features.

  • Efficient

High capacity inverter UPS is designed in a way such that it has the most effective output while curtailing your electricity bill.

How is a High Capacity Inverter Different From a Normal Home Inverter?

A normal home inverter is designed to power TV, fans , Lighting and other small wattage loads like Wi-Fi router/ laptop etc. but they cannot run larger appliances which may be required in times of a power cut. If you try to run a higher load device on home invertershome inverters then system goes into an overload. To run higher capacity loads like AC’s, Water pumps high power inverters are best suited. The inverter’s high capacity makes it more reliable for households with high-load appliances.

What are the High capacity inverter models available in luminous?

  • Luminous iCruze Sine Wave Inverter

iCruze is the heavy duty sine wave inverters series with compact design and more load handing capability. It is a super inverter because of its super design, super technology and super connectivity. It’s a connect ready high capacity inverter which lets you monitor the power situation at your home or office on a smartphone app from anywhere in the world via GSM or Wi-Fi dongle. iCruze inverters find their applications in home, show room, school or educational institute, restaurant, hotel & petrol pump.

  • Luminous Cruze High Capacity Inverter

Cruze is a high capacity inverter series widely accepted in domestic and commercial applications. It has features like pure sine wave technology which supplies grid like power to the connected load during the power cut, AC MCB protection for the short circuit at output & DC MCB for the protection from reverse polarity. This high power inverter series is equipped with Digital Display showing load and battery level display in percentage.

  • Luminous Optimus HKVA Series Digital Inverter

optimus HKVAseries is an advanced digital inverter series which features state of the art LCD display intelligently showing 8 real time performance statistics including charging time, backup time, fault indications and much more. Its Pure Sine wave output ensures a safe and noise free operation of Load devices. This high power inverter offers flexibility to its user to set the charging current and choose between higher backup vs better performance by controlling the output voltage.

  • Luminous Power Pro 2250 High Capacity Inverter

Luminoous Power pro 2250is high capacity UPS inverter for home with features such as load and battery level display in percentage, MCB protection, 7-segment digital display and faster charging ability, making it a preferred high capacity UPS for home. Power pro charges the battery even at 95V. It also comes with smart charge technology that can charge battery quicker than normal long back-up UPS.

  • Luminous PowerX 2250 High Capacity Inverter

Luminous Power pro X 2250/is a high capacity inverter which features pure Sine wave output and 3-mode battery charger. Its 7-segment digital display and fast charging abilities make it the best high capacity inverter for home and commercial use. The high power inverter has features like MCB protection and big load carrying capacity, display on its digital screen

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